Sunday, 23 June 2013

MottMac BIM TopGun

This week, we attended the annual BIM Forum, hosted by Mott MacDonald. This is our fifth forum, and we have seen the event grow steadily year on year. This year's event in Birmingham was the biggest yet, with nearly 200 delegates in attendance, from all over the UK and parts as far flung as Europe, the US, Singapore, India and the Middle East. Kudos to Gavin Skidmore and his team for all the hard work and preparation that goes into this conference, which is always a tremendously enjoyable affair.

This year, we hosted the inaugural MM BIM TopGun competition. Based on the same format as the contest from BIM Show Live, but with questions specifically written by MottMac staff, testing knowledge and understanding of the Mott MacDonald world of BIM.

Delegates had just 10 minutes to answer 18 knowledge based questions, covering a range of different BIM-flavoured topics, including MM BIM Champions, MM BIM vision, CoBie, Software use, File formats, BS1192, Clash detection and BIM process.

And the stakes were high, as co-sponsor DELL very kindly donated an XPS10 tablet and keyboard as the prize for the highest score.

Spread over the two days of the conference, we saw a steady stream of willing volunteers, all vying for the coveted title of MottMac BIM Top Gun. 

Over the course of the two days, we posted 51 scores, ranging from 22% to 83%.  Here is a breakdown of the results:

After a closely contested BIM battle, where just 9 points separated the Top 10 protagonists, here is a breakdown of the Leader-Board, after the final results were tallied:

And massive congratulations to our overall WINNER, Ian Besford, who is now officially MottMac's most prolific BIM Guru (probably). 

Here is a summary of the most commonly highlighted training issues, based on where most points were dropped:

So a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days. Special thanks to Gavin and Margaret for their hospitality. Next year's forum takes place in sunny Hawaii (well, no harm in registering our preference for location early! ;) ), so we're looking forward to MM BIM Top Gun Round 2.