Friday, 13 February 2015

KS Spring Release - Individual User Pages

The most popular KS wishlist request in recent months has been to make it easier for individuals and admins to view assessment history and results data on a per user basis.

This also ties in with our wider goal to make the KS assessment tools more integrated with other Learning and HR systems, where data is shared across two or more platforms.

So we have created a new personal dashboard for individual users to log in and monitor their personal KS history, within their current organisation.

This resource will make it easier for individuals to manage their KS user profile, invite history, learning evidence and assessment results, including benchmarking data. Annual appraisals and performance reviews will be enhanced by the ability to capture multiple HR, training and learning resources in a single place.

The dashboard login page now has a new option, called My KnowledgeSmart.

Here is the KS user homepage, split into 4 main areas: My Details, My Achievements, My Assessments and My Scores.

The My Details page allows users to set their own password, edit personal information and update the 5 datafields which KS admins use to filter wider user and results data. They can also add a picture, to personalise their KS page.

The My Achievements page offers an opportunity to upload any useful documents and records relating to their personal development and learning history. For example, training completion certificates, exam results, certification evidence, CPD records, resume or professional record of achievement data.

Users can make documents 'public' or 'private' and create an individual URL for sharing learning resources online:

The My Assessments page enables users to view KS assessments they have taken or have been invited to take. They can view summary reports for completed sessions by clicking on the assessment name and resume open sessions by clicking on the name of 'Not started' or 'In progress' sessions and entering their KS user name and password in the following login screen.

Clicking on the 'Rosette' icon displays a new certificate, which users can share using social media or via email.

The My Scores page is a place for users to view all KS scores in one place.

Available data includes: benchmark comparisons, performance charts and skills gap summaries.

KS admins can access individual user pages via their main KS dashboard > Users page. There is a new icon which opens up the user page in a separate window.

KS admins can control access to user pages on a per user basis:

KS admins can also control user page access on a per account basis:

KS admins can also disable the 'sharing' tool, which appears when the certificate is viewed:

If a user record is deleted or set to 'Ex-employee' status, their personal page will no longer be accessible. User data is not portable, from one company to another. KS data is account-specific and owned by the organisation, not the user.

We anticipate this area of the KS system developing further, as the year progresses. If you have any ideas for integration with other systems, or if you have suggestions for new tools, charts, reports, and so on, please let us know and we'll add them to the summer wishlist.