Saturday, 25 February 2017

KS Wishlist update

We receive a regular flow of new feature ideas from our customers in different parts of the world. The best ideas find their way onto the KS software update wishlist and then, in turn, into the live site.

Here is what we've been up to in recent months...

Update survey Invite > History page with new options for managing invites.

Add a new method to quickly import user list directly onto the invites page (for both tests and surveys).  Add new option to revert to default invite text.

You'll find a formatted csv template in the help notes box on the right hand side of the page.

Add more options for managing survey results data.

Tidy up logic on invite re-send tool, where expiry dates have been amended.

Tidy up csv export for dynamic groups in results page.

Tidy up logic to prevent creation of blank groups in users and results pages.

Change presentation of results graphs. Split into two sections: 'Performance' and 'Comparisons'. Add new section to display charts for exam results.

Change results csv export to include exam results, as well as assessment results.

Include option to retrospectively apply exam grade to legacy test results. Swap gap analysis report into exam certificate on user page. Move result from My Assessments to My Exams.

Allow admins to send a link to an exam certificate and/or a gap-analysis report to users who have completed an exam.

Allow admins to choose default landing account when logging in.

Add number of results to Results > Data page.  Add user count to footer of training requirements chart.

Coming soon..

Here's a brief summary of what we're working on in the next 6-12 months..

Test UI refresh - new mobile responsive design for the KS test-taking interface
Test report refresh - new design for KS test report
New charting options for the KS Query Tool
Use of CDN for managing test files and downloads
New KS support tool
Tidy up system mails logic (for invite, reminders and results mails)
Bulk upload of questions in library > draft questions area
Option to set an expiry date on the main survey invites page
Reminder mails option for survey invites 
Add dynamic groups to survey invite > history
If a group is created in Users (static or dynamic), include option to display it in Results automatically.
Auto reports - Email summary report of KS account activity for admins
Searchable skills matrix
Reporting and charting templates


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Case Study - Skills Assessment at David Morley Architects

David Morley Architects has partnered with KnowledgeSmart and Evolve Consultancy to identify gaps in its team’s CAD and BIM expertise and provide the targeted training needed to raise benchmarks across the firm.

Click here for a detailed case study, recently published in AEC Magazine, about the benefits of an enlightened, forward-thinking, process-driven, tech-savvy, BIM-capable business.

This case study looks in detail at skills assessment, benchmarking, technology, data, metrics, relevant consultancy and focused training.  An excellent example of good practice in the AEC industry.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

New Test Title - Solibri Fundamentals

KnowledgeSmart's extensive skills assessment library helps AEC businesses capture evidence of individual and corporate skills capability, across a wide variety of essential technical software titles.

This includes popular software products from major vendors, including Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Graphisoft and Adobe.

One of the most popular requests in recent months has been to create a question set for Solibri Model Checker.

This assessment looks at knowledge of using Solibri in a BIM workflow for model validation, review and interference resolution. The assessment requires Solibri v9.7.

Modules covered include:

Solibri-User Interface
Solibri-Model Review
Solibri-Data Interrogation
Solibri-Model Checking
Solibri-Model Comparison

This set of questions has been written by our friends at Evolve Consultancy.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

20 Key BIM Terms

Sometimes AEC businesses struggle with the plethora of BIM conferences, seminars, white papers, 'expert' consultants, Government advice, conflicting terminology and official guidance.

BIM is gaining momentum and maturity across the Global Construction industry.

Written a couple of years back, but still very relevant today, we really enjoyed this informative, thoughtful article from NBS, entitled, '20 key BIM terms you need to know'.


Saturday, 10 December 2016

'BIG 5' Benchmark Stats

If your firm increases productivity by 1% per person annually, you gain 2 extra working days per team member.

How do you measure your firm's productivity against your peers and the wider AEC industry?

KnowledgeSmart has been capturing test scores across a wide range of technical software products, used by Architects & Engineers around the world.

We have data-mined thousands of results for the 'BIG 5' Autodesk software titles, as follows:

Revit Architecture
Revit MEP
Revit Structure
AutoCAD Civil 3D

The results form a fascinating insight into the way these tools are deployed and utilised in different territories around the world. This is the most detailed study of software proficiency ever carried out with live test data, across thousands of users and hundreds of AEC businesses.

A detailed PDF report can be downloaded for each topic from this microsite.

Now, for the first time, management teams can compare their in-house performance and technical software capability against the wider Global industry benchmark.

This data can be included in the hiring process, new team selection, annual appraisals and when bidding for new project work.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

KS API calls

A popular theme for our customers this year is to have closer integration between the KS system and other in-house IT systems. In particular, LMS, HR and E-Learning systems.

So, with this in mind, we have been working on creating a series of automated processes and API calls, which can simplify and speed up the exchange of key data across platforms.

Here is a brief summary of what we have created so far:

List assessments for logged in account:

Invite user to an assessment (replace the query string elements as required):

List users for account:

Search users by name (change the name value to a name you want to search):

Search users by id (change the userid value to an id you know):

List results for account:

List results for a user (change the userid value to an id you know):

Show all results for a particular test id:
It will return the results for a given test id for the logged in account.

Add a new user:

Simply substitute the email/firstname/lastname to the user you would like to add. If a user already exists with that email address then that user is added to the account.

Get answers for a result:

Pass in the resultid you would like to see the answers for. N.B. you would probably use the existing methods GetAllResults or GetResultsForUser first to get the list of results and their resultids which you could then pass in.

If you would like to schedule a call with our technical team, to discuss your own organisation's requirements for closer integration with KS user and results data, please do get in touch.


KS exhibiting at Autodesk University

A key theme for us this year is that of measuring technical software skills and performance, against a wider body of results data. We are featuring our analysis of the 'BIG 5' Autodesk skills assessments at this year's Autodesk University conference, which takes place from 15-17 November, in Las Vegas, USA.  Here is the conference link:

The BIG 5 tests are:
Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

KnowledgeSmart will be exhibiting in the main hall, at booth number 2810.

We look forward to seeing you there!