Friday, 25 November 2011

KS devs - a brief look ahead

As we head to the close of the year, I thought it might be useful to drop a quick update on the blog, about the work currently under development.

The next release is split into two parts.  Part one goes live next month and introduces some fairly big changes to the core KS system.  These updates involve introducing a hierarchical tree structure into the user accounts, sharing tests/modules between child accounts, moving users/results data between accounts, and including a new 'draft' phase when creating new test content.

Part two focuses on improving the 'Invites' area of the dashboard, with a number of great ideas from the KS user group being added to the system.  We'll also introduce personal dashboard pages, so individuals can track their own progress, over time.

A key theme for KS in 2012 is to continue the concept of 'links to learning'.  We are in discussion with a number of training providers, discussing how to make the journey from assessment to learning even smoother.

Exporting user and results data is another common theme, which will be addressed further in 2012.  Tighter integration of skills assessment data, into wider HR systems and company Intranets, has been a popular discussion topic this year.

We'll be adding some new question types to the dashboard in a future release, including survey tools and the ability to gather and present user feedback and opinion, as well as test results.  The KS 'community' area will also continue to grow in the months ahead, offering KS firms more opportunities to exchange test questions and material.

More benchmark stats and reporting options will be appearing in the next release, with more detailed geographical and industry breakdowns for AEC businesses to compare performance.  We'll also be adding some new content management tools, which will be particularly helpful to KS firms with large test libraries.

Speaking of which, the KS 'off the shelf' library continues to roll on, with new modules appearing each month.  Next up, we'll be adding more Civil 3D questions, more Revit Structure and Revit MEP questions, a Navisworks Manage module, an Ecotect module, plus some new material based on Oracle's Primavera PCM application.

So that's a quick overview of what's coming over the next 3, 6 and 12 months.  As always, we welcome your feedback, constructive comments and new ideas.  It looks like 2012 is shaping up to be a busy one.

May we (continue to) live in interesting times!


AU 2011

OK, it's that time of year again.  KS is exhibiting at this year's Autodesk University.  We’re also co-hosting the AUGI Top DAUG skills contest this year:

In spite of the ongoing financial woes around the world, this year's show promises to be one of the busiest yet.  No doubt there will be much talk of BIM, VDC, IPD, Cloud computing and, if rumours prove to be true, announcements about an Autodesk move into the PLM space.  We'll see!

For now, if you're heading out to Las Vegas next week, do please drop by the KS booth, or come and see us at the AUGI Top DAUG area.

We look forward to meeting you.