Tuesday, 14 October 2014

KS Devs Update

Here is a brief update of what's being discussed at our next tech team workshop. With thanks to our customer feedback forums for the majority of these suggestions.

Our current dev is progressing well. More detailed notes to follow shortly for each, but our top 2 current wishlist items are:

User dashboard pages
Survey questions

One those devs hit the live site, we'll take a look at the following:

CSV Export Consistency

Review CSV export across the KS dashboard to ensure it is behaving in a consistent manner.

Account Name in CSV Export

Many companies have multiple child accounts but would like to perform one csv export of all users.  However there is no clear identifier in the csv export as to which account each user belongs.  Include ‘Account Name’ in CSV exports.

Improved data selection in CSV Exports

Consider implementing ‘Field Chooser’ functionality for CSV exports.  When exporting a csv, the Admin User can select which fields to appear and save this selection for future exports.  We would also look to add further options such as ‘Full Name’ (concatenating first name and surname), ‘Training Tags – All’ and ‘Training Tags – Individual’ etc.  By making this functionality available in KS we can dramatically reduce the amount of time Admin Users need to spend outside of KS manipulating the data.

Allow admins to set up regular auto-reports (i.e. weekly/monthly/quarterly) which summarise key activities. For example:  Invites sent: Not started, In progress, Pending, Completed : Results, Scores within a certain range: User type: Test name(s): Date range: Select data for a particular account or accounts. Choose recipients. Full list of selection criteria to be workshopped.

Search /Grouping Criteria – Date Range

Extend search and group criteria across the system to allow the inputting of a date range.  This provides Admin Users with more powerful options when reviewing invites, results etc. Ensure consistency across all dynamic grouping filters. (Invite History/Results/Users).

Add Test Not Completed to Status Dropdown

Currently test invites do not have a single ‘Not Completed’ status.  If an Admin User wishes to identify all outstanding tests they would need to join together ‘Not Started’ and ‘In progress’. Amend grouping options to bring together these two into a single ‘Not Completed’.

Auto-Email when extending a test

When an Admin User extends the expiry date of a test invite, admins would like KS to send an email to confirm along with the new expiry date.  This could be managed in much the same way as the standard invites are with Admin Users having the option of amending the default text. Include option to add additional email addresses.

Increase Character Limit on Multiple Choice and Matching List Answer Options

Multiple choice questions currently have a limit of 50 characters per answer.  KS to review this to identify why the limit is in place (display purposes, database restriction etc) and if it can be extended. Also look at Matching List fields.

Default for Admins of Multiple Accounts

Where an Admin is managing multiple accounts, KS currently defaults to the first account in the list (alphabetically).  Admins have requested a change in this behaviour.  KS to consider alternative default selection options.

Add column in Invites – Date of last reminder/extension

When viewing invites KS currently displays when the invite was first sent and the date and time of the Users last login.  Admins would like an additional column which advises when the User was last reminded (either by reminder or date extension).

Remove Invites from system when a User is deleted

When a User is marked as Ex-Employee there is a clear requirement to retain their interaction with KS however when a User is deleted from the system, admins would like to have any outstanding invites (Not Completed) deleted from the system.

Additional Points for Discussion

More detailed benchmarking & analysis of user demographic & results data.

New API for LMS linking (esp. Olive/Absorb/Pinnacle).

Add number of results to Results > Data page.

Add date stamp to Global Comparisons view and export.

Add user count to training requirements chart.

Review display of Global question benchmark data.

Add question ID to training request csv export.

Improve page speed: Users > Users and Invites > History.

Investigate single sign-on and Active Directory links for user data import.

Investigate Content Delivery Network - adding zip files for test start to CDN environment.