Sunday, 18 January 2015

KS Library Topics - Assessing Revit Architecture Skills

KnowledgeSmart skills assessment software helps firms of architects and engineers to measure software capability.

We have created an extensive range of assessments, covering the most popular design, engineering and BIM software titles, used by firms working in the global construction industry.

Assessments cover a range of popular vendors, including: Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Adobe, McNeel, Trimble and Graphisoft.

We work with a global network of world class authors. They are subject matter experts, published, thought leaders and working as consultants to industry, so they understand the practical application of the tools, as well as the menus and mouse-clicks. Popular KS authors include: CASE Inc, Chris Senior, Darryl McClelland, Eric Chappell, Envision CAD, Evolve, John Evans, Josh Modglin, Joel Harris, Paul Aubin, Paul Woddy, Revit Factory, Robert Manna, Scott Moyse, Scott Onstott, Tony Tedder, Thomas Weir and White Frog.

For our most popular assessments, we tend to create a variety of different modules, covering a range of different levels and abilities.

The current number one topic in our library is Autodesk Revit Architecture.  Here is a brief list of assessments available in our 'RAC Bundle'.  All of the following titles are available, as part of a KS Professional 1 license:

Revit Architecture for occasional users
Revit Architecture fundamentals
Revit Architecture – Xpress
Revit Architecture for Interiors
Revit Architecture advanced
Revit Content Creation
Revit Project Process
Revit Architecture – Extra qu's 1
Revit Architecture – Extra qu's 2
KS Community – Revit Architecture (White Frog)
KS Community – Revit Process & Workflow
KS Community – BIM Management (NB this one is software neutral, but included in the bundle)

So how does it all work?  In simple terms, it is a web based, practical test of knowledge and ability, so users will need access to a copy of the software, for which they are being assessed. They are presented with a series of task based and knowledge based questions, entering answers into the KS browser screen. At the end, a summary report with detailed feedback and coaching notes can be displayed to the user.  KS system administrators can access detailed reports, highlighting results, benchmark statistics and training recommendations.

Let's take a look at an actual example of our Revit Architecture fundamentals assessment, in this short video:

KS customers have full editorial control over all KS library material, so they are ultimately in the driving seat, as far as the material that is presented to their teams goes. And they have the option of writing custom question from scratch, using the KS authoring tools, if they want to capture knowledge on in-house work flows, standards and processes.