Monday, 15 October 2012

KS Devs Update

As Q4 rolls around, we thought it would be useful to jot down a brief summary of what we're working on at the moment.

KS Library

All of the existing (Autodesk) library titles have been updated to 2013 format.  Our favourite task of the year. (Not really).  This includes: Revit (x3), AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Design Review and 3ds Max.

We're over half way to finishing an expanded Inventor 2013 question set.  Working with ace US author, John Evans, we are covering 4 key areas: Assemblies, Part Modeling, Drawings (and presentations) and Welding and sheet metal.  Our goal is to complete the set in time for AU2012.

We're compiling a larger set of general BIM related questions, for the KS Community area of the library.  These will be a FREE addition to the KS library.  Should be ready in time for AU, or thereabouts.

We have started work on a set of ArchiCAD fundamentals questions - our first foray into the Graphisoft world.  Covering 4 levels of difficulty, this set will be available in the New Year.

Advanced RAC, advanced RST and Revit for occasional users are all works in progress. Our deadline for these sets has slipped a bit, due to author commitments, but we're aiming for something on all 3 fronts by AU2012.

USACE has put together a working group to check the Attachment F assessment material.  We're awaiting the green light from the Corps, to release this free question set into the general KS library.

On the drawing board (can we still use that phrase?) for the next round of updates, include the following topics: Advanced RMEP, advanced Civil 3D, Bentley ProjectWise, AutoPlant and Plant 3D.

A variety of vendors are currently discussing writing test material for their own software products.  These include: CADS (CADS RC), Tekla (Tekla Structures), Synchro (Synchro Professional), Savoy (AutoTrack) and Codebook (Codebook).

KS System

The latest release of the KS tools hit the live site in early October.  This completed our program of works for the summer, within two weeks of our original goal, which is excellent.

Next up, we have two point-releases in the works, which address the remaining items on the KS user group wish list.  These include: capturing additional user data for more detailed statistical & benchmarking analysis; update to the test report format; additional library searching & grouping; tidy up of the users data page (including option to edit and delete master records); prep for supporting different languages in the test library;  update to account hierarchy options (including option to delete and move accounts); new charting option for flagged training request data, plus a few other smaller tidy-up tasks.

We'll also be moving to a new cloud server next month, which gives us a greater capacity to grow.  We anticipate a small amount of down-time, during the move, so we'll keep you updated.

Looking ahead, we'll be discussing the following additional features with our user group, in the coming months: User dashboard pages, new question types, survey questions & charting, links to third party systems, more detailed regional benchmark stats, additional charting & reporting options and a web based skills matrix.

Out and About

We'll be attending a few events in the next couple of months.  Autodesk host their annual BIM conference, in London, on 19 November.  The same week sees a free BIM learning and networking conference, hosted by Ramboll, in London, on 22 November.

Plus, KS is once again co-hosting the AUGI Top DAUG skills contest at Autodesk University.

So hopefully we'll have a chance to cross paths at some point this quarter.  Once again, thanks to our ever-enthusiastic user group, for a steady stream of ideas for new system features and library additions.