Sunday, 16 March 2014

KS Devs Update - Spring 2014

Q1 is almost done and we've had a busy start to 2014. In fact, if a skills assessment service is a good bell-weather for the general well-being of wider industry, then this is our best start to the year since before the recession began. That's encouraging!

So here's a look at what we've been working on in the past few months:

We started off with a general update to our underlying platform, trading up to .NET 4.5. And we added a new issues-tracking system for logging bugs and system updates.

The Results > Group Comparisons page has a new tool which allows admins to capture and save results comparison charts.

The Results > Data page has new search and export options for capturing 'Skipped' question data:

The Results > Training Requirements page has 2 new tools which display charts for 'Training requests' and 'Skipped' questions:

At the end of a test session, a new advisory note displays, which confirms how many questions have been skipped:

We added some new options for creating dynamic groups on the Users and Results pages:

We added dynamic grouping to the Invites > History page:

Plus the ability to recreate existing dynamic groups in other areas of the system. For example, if you have an existing dynamic group on the Users page, you can now recreate the same group on the Results or Invite History pages. This tool can be found on the Settings > User Datafields page:

Admins can now check the progress of existing 'in progress' tests, by clicking on the new link in the Invites > History page:

We added a new filter on the Invites > History page which allows admins to display a sub-list of users who have not yet received any invites:

We added a new tool which allows admins to anonymise charts on the Results > Performance Spread and Results > Group Scores pages:

The following tasks are currently being tested in our staging area and will shortly be deployed to live:

The test start page has been tidied up and re-formatted.

We fixed a bug which caused tests to display an error if they contained more than 71 questions.

We added the ability to create more than one draft invite template on the Settings > Test Invite page.

We added rich text options, including HTML links, to the Test Invites page.

We added an advisory which is triggered if a user enters too many answers for pick list questions. It says: 'This question has a maximum of x correct answer choices'.

We are adding new options on the Results > Data page to filter and export the user data capture info (which is captured on the pages at the start and end of a test).

We are adding a new page called 'Module Performance', which allows admins to analyse results data on a per module basis.

We are adding new search options on the Accounts > Move Users page.

In addition to the system updates, we are also continuing to work on the KS library. All existing Autodesk titles are available in 2014 format. Plus the following: Vault, Civil 3D advanced, Revit MEP advanced, Revit MEP metric, AECOsim Building Designer, Blue Beam, Synchro and Tekla Structures,

Looking ahead, our summer dev list includes adding new question types and survey options. Followed by individual user dashboards. We'll keep you updated as this work progresses.