Wednesday, 20 January 2010

CAD & BIM - State of the Nation(s) article

Happy New Year. Towards the end of last year we held a series of (taped) discussions with the guys at Evolve ( and Robert Green ( , which culminated in a published article looking at the big picture of CAD training, CAD management, BIM, and a whole lot more.

Credit to Karen for her amazing editing skills and to Nigel for making a fair dent in his red wine collection, as the evenings wore on! :)

The results were published in a variety of places, but most recently, here:

So, we're finally out of 2009 (hooray!). 2010 is looking much more encouraging, with the economy starting to drag itself off the floor. 'Bout time!

February sees the rollout of the new KnowledgeSmart web-based testing tools. If you'd like a demo, drop a line to, with 'DEMO' in the subject line, and we'll pencil you in.

Plenty more to follow over the coming weeks..


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