Wednesday, 24 February 2010

KnowledgeSmart goes live

Well, we rolled out the new tools last week and so far, so good! It's a new direction for us in terms of the core approach to skills testing. The new web based platform allows greater flexibility in the way firms can deploy test modules and capture knowledge across a wide range of topics.

We're leaving a beta label on the system for a few more weeks; it's fully operational, but we welcome user feedback on any issues, bugs, missing data sets, or indeed anything that looks like it doesn't belong! Our next priorities are to add some more functionality to the admin dashboard; this includes some content management tools (for when question libraries get to a certain size), some file management tools (for marrying data sets to test questions in a variety of ways) and some general usability items, which have been suggested during pre-launch testing.

In addition, we have a rolling programme of new test material creation. Currently under development include the following libraries; Rhino for Architecture, AutoCAD & MicroStation for occasional users, Bentley Structural Modeller, MicroStation 3D fundamentals, Vectorworks, AEC Revit Standards, Ecotect fundamentals, Bentley InRoads and Civil 3D. These will all be making an appearance over the next few months.

KnowledgeSmart Enterprise customers will automatically see new library modules appear in their dashboard, as soon as they go live. The next challenge is to pull the live test results data into an online skills matrix tool, which administrators can use to display a range of useful metrics. Our intention is for this tool to dovetail into existing intranet environments, feeding into training and project resourcing activity, fully searchable, helping firms to ID the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.

Part of the challenge the new tools present is the variety of options available to admins when deciding just what test types to present to users. In the past, we have provided tests in any colour the customer could choose (so long as they chose black!). Now they really do have choice - and lots of it! The new 'Build Your Own' (BYO) feature enables firms to create their own test material from scratch, using an intuitive online authoring wizard to guide them through the process. AEC firms can capture knowledge across multiple topics, whether that be technical software ability, understanding and adherence to in-house standards, discipline specific knowledge, project-specific information, or indeed anything at all!

On the subject of Standards, we have partnered with the team at Evolve Consultancy to create test content for AEC (UK) CAD Standards for Layers/Levels. Next week, we'll be meeting the team at the US National CAD Standards committee to discuss a skills test for US CAD Standards.
We're running a series of web meetings over the next few weeks, to demonstrate the new system and tools on offer. To book a session, email with 'Webinar' in the subject line and we'll schedule you in.

We have an ambitious programme of marketing and promotional activities planned between now and the Summer, both at home and in the US. We're sponsoring the Bentley Community UKI Winter Workshop in Oxford this month ( We're presenting at the first WAN HR Forum in London on March 18th. And soon after that, we're heading off to Chicago, where we are sponsors at the inaugural KA-Connect knowledge management conference (

Hope to see you online or in person in the coming weeks!


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