Tuesday, 14 December 2010

KnowledgeSmart wish list

We've been holding a series of web review meetings with customers in recent weeks, discussing how their assessment programs are coming along, and what tools they would like to see next in the KS admin dashboard.

Here are the most requested items, the majority of which will feature in the next point release (scheduled for Feb 2011);
  • More charting; would like an easier way to tell (at a glance) what the main problem areas/training topics are
  • Would like to see industry comparisons for most popular test scores
  • Want to display more results per page
  • Would like ability to invite interview candidates more easily
  • Would like to control level of test report feedback for interview candidates
  • Ability to delete test scores
  • View results for linked accounts
  • Notify admin if test expiry date passes (but test not taken)
  • Change status of users (i.e. ex-employee, interview candidate to employee, etc.)
We'll also be adding basic branding options for firms, new chart styles in the dashboard and more content management options for test modules.

In addition, personal dashboards for users, basic survey tools, a community area for sharing test content and a new coaching mode are all coming up in the next few months.

Our rolling program of new test content authoring is ongoing. This week sees the release of our first Adobe InDesign module. More RMEP content will be out shortly, plus the first in a series of Civil 3D modules goes live in January. Intermediate RAC content, a Revit families module and basic Photoshop content will follow in early 2011.

If you have additional suggestions for new features or tools, we'd welcome your feedback.


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