Thursday, 19 May 2011

RTC - Revit Top Cat

The seventh Revit Technology Conference takes place next week, on the Gold Coast, Australia. (I know, there could be worse places to spend 3 days learning about Revit & BIM, right?).

In the lead up to the show, KS has been working with the RTC Committee to arrange a fun contest, for users to demonstrate their Revit credentials, flex their modelling muscles - and prove beyond doubt who is the top player in town.

In fact (using a play on words from AUGI's well established 'Top-Daug' AutoCAD quiz format) we're calling this year's contest - Revit Top Cat (RTC, geddit? :) ).

Here's how it will all go down..

On Thursday and Friday, there will be 6 PC's set up with copies of RAC, RST and RMEP 2011.  Users will have 10 minutes (12 mins for MEP) to answer 14 questions about their chosen Revit discipline.

The winners from each stream, on both days, will qualify for Saturday's Grand Final.  (Here's where we really separate the Revit men/women from the boys/girls!).  In short, best score combined with fastest time wins each heat.

On Saturday, we'll have our 6 finalists lined up to take the new Revit Project Process test.  (NB This is the first of our new 'level 3' modules - and it's not for the faint hearted!  In beta testing, we had more than one Revit veteran literally run screaming from the room whilst taking this test.  Well, OK, not really, but it is a challenge!).

So, the Grand Final.  10 questions in 12 minutes - and the new Revit Top Cat will be crowned.

As well as some cash prizes for the finalists - the overall winner will have the kudos of being recognised as the most renowned Reviteer on the planet! (Or at least the Gold Coast!).

So, do you have what it takes to be the RTC AU - Revit Top Cat??

See you at the show..


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  1. SO, how did the contest go? Are you doing one @ RTC USA?