Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Revit Top Cat - Australia vs USA

So, now that both RTC AU and RTC USA are finished for 2011, who walks away with the honours for the Top Revit Top Cat?  The uber-Top Cat, if you like! :)

Let's examine the evidence..

In the heats, the overall benchmark for 76 assessments (AU - 36 / USA - 40), across all 3 disciplines of Revit combined, looks like this:

RTC ALL = 75% in 9 mins 22 secs.
RTC AU = 73% in 9 mins 27 secs.
RTC USA = 78% in 9 mins 23 secs.

So, first blood to the US of A!

How about drilling down to the 3 separate Revit flavours?  Here are the stats for each one:

RAC = 80% in 8 mins 49 secs (24 results).
RST = 66% in 9 mins 27 secs (5 results).
RMEP = 56% in 11 mins 37 secs (7 results).

RAC = 79% in 9 mins 7 secs (28 results).
RST = 75% in 9 mins 45 secs (5 results).
RMEP = 76% in 10 mins 10 secs (7 results).

So, for RAC, AU users take the prize by a nose, but RST and RMEP comfortably goes to camp USA.

And so to the Grand Final.  4 heat winners from Australia, 3 from the USA.  10 questions on advanced concepts of Revit Project Process.  These questions were pretty challenging!  Here's how the finalists compared:

RTC Final ALL = 63% in 8 mins 5 secs.
RTC Final AU = 62% in 6 mins 47 secs.
RTC Final USA = 64% in 9 mins 48 secs.

So, extremely close, but the USA just about takes the prize.  However, it is worth noting that the average time taken by the AU finalists was much faster.  It's also interesting to note that all 7 finalists were men!  

So what training issues did the data from the Grand Final highlight?  Even though every single one of the finalists proved themselves to be Revit champions, there is still more to learn!  Here are the top 12 training workshops, in priority order, from the Revit Project Process module:

Annotation, Key Schedules, Schedules, Tagging, Creating Views, Worksharing, Model Management, Clipboard, Families, Worksets, Local Files and View Types.

And last - the big one - who takes the title of overall Revit Top Cat?

Well, once again, the prize goes to the USA!  2 of the top 3 individual scores were posted by users from RTC USA.  And the overall Revit Top Cat for 2011... Brian Mackey from CAD-1.  

(Special thanks to Autodesk for providing a grand prize of an i-Pad 2, which Brian claimed as the overall winner.  (Although the RTC grapevine suggests that Brian's better half, Dezi, has the inside track for who gets to actually use the i-Pad! :) )).

So there you have it, the gauntlet has been thrown down.  The inaugural Revit Top Cat challenge has been won convincingly by our American friends.  Can the Aussies prevail in 2012?  Will the Europeans throw their parametric hat into the ring? Or perhaps a Top Cat Asia?  (Rory has graciously volunteered to travel over for the Caribbean leg of the contest!).  And perhaps a Grand Grand final, where the winners from each continent duke it out in a Winner-Takes-All Revit extravaganza??  The RTC Revit World Series?  The possibilities are endless..


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