Monday, 12 September 2011

BIM and Integrated Design - a new book by Randy Deutsch

Friend of KnowledgeSmart, Randy Deutsch, has written a fantastic new book, called, 'BIM and Integrated Design: Strategies for Architectural Practice'.

Unlike many of the recent books and manuals on BIM, this book is devoted to the subject of how BIM affects individuals and organizations working within the construction industry.

As one of the most popular speakers and presenters on the AEC circuit, Randy is well placed to comment on the journey that many firms are currently making towards BIM adoption.  In his book, Randy discusses the implementation of building information modeling software as a cultural process with a focus on the technology’s impact and transformative effect—both potentially disruptive and liberating—on the social, psychological, and practical aspects of the workplace.

BIM and Integrated Design answers the questions that BIM poses to the firm that adopts it. Through thorough research and a series of case study interviews with industry leaders, this book helps us learn:

•  Effective learning strategies for fully understanding BIM software and its use
•  Key points about integrated design to help you promote the process to owners and your team
•  How BIM changes not only the technology, process, and delivery but also the leadership playing field
•  How to become a more effective leader no matter where you find yourself in the organization or on the project team
•  How the introduction of BIM into the workforce has significant education, recruitment, and training implications

Covering all of the human issues brought about by the advent of BIM into the architecture workplace, profession, and industry, BIM and Integrated Design shows how to overcome real and perceived barriers to its use.

Click here for a link to Wiley's website, for more information and to order a copy of Randy's book.


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