Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Attachment F assessment

KS was invited to attend a web meeting last week, with the USACE BIM Committee, to talk about the work we have been doing on our 'Attachment F' BIM Process assessment.

Here is the intro text from the session:
"KnowledgeSmart has created a skills assessment, based on the USACE 'Attachment F' BIM Requirements.  This is designed to help USACE, USACE customers, other Federal agencies, and AEC firms to improve understanding and adoption of correct BIM methodology across their supply chain.  It can also help to identify any obvious cases of lack of clarity in AttF messaging, which would be picked up in the subsequent results data. Another benefit being that AEC firms can demonstrate their AttF credentials as part of their project proposals (i.e. if they have a number of team members who have scored well on the assessment, they could include this data in their supporting documentation).
The AttF library of questions is a work in progress and will be updated on an occasional basis, as the standards themselves continue to evolve.  The assessment will be made FREELY available to individuals and firms working on USACE projects".

On a related note, last month, at BIM Show Live, Jacobs' Director of Project Technology, Shawn Foster, delivered an excellent dissection of US Army Corps BIM Requirements and the PxP (Project Execution Plan).  See link for Shawn's bio.

After last week's meeting, we received feedback that the concept met with the committee's general agreement in principle, and USACE is setting up a working group, to complete the editing of the current set of questions and agree on how to best position the material, before the wider US Army Corps supply chain.

Still very much a work in progress, like many firms' personal BIM journey, in many ways.  We'll keep you posted, as this project develops.

Click here for a link to the latest version of AttF.


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