Thursday, 7 April 2011

Inviting Users to take a KS Test

Administering the KS tools is a pretty straightforward process.  The system is web-based, so there is no software to install, maintain and upgrade.  In general, it's a low-impact system, from an IT administration point of view.

Let's take a look at the process for inviting users to take a test.  There are three different options, depending on your requirements.  Let's take a look at each one..

Option one - inviting a small number of users to a test

Step one
Select the test you want your user(s) to take, from your library.  Each test has a small 'envelope' icon, next to the test name.

Click on the envelope icon, which takes you to the test invite page.  Your selected test will automatically appear in the test list dropdown.

Alternatively, you can select the INVITES link, from the top navigation bar of your dashboard.  (You'll end up in the same place).  However, bear in mind that if you do use the top navigation route (rather than the envelope icon next to a specific test title) then your required test will not automatically get selected in your dropdown.  (It presents your test library in A-Z order, starting with 3ds Max).  If you don't select the test you want from the dropdown, before you send out your invites, then your users will receive an invite to a 3ds Max test! :)

Step two
Enter the email, first name and last name of your test taker(s) in the fields provided.  You can also capture user status, i.e. employee, interviewee, student, etc.  Click Add to confirm your candidate's details.

Step three
Decide on your test invite text.  You have a couple of different options for customising your invites.  Here is a separate blog entry on this topic:

Step four (optional)
You can set an expiry date on your test invites.  After this date has passed, your users will no longer be able to access this test session.  If they haven't completed their test before the expiry date, you will have to issue a new test invite.

Step five
OK, so you have completed the following steps; selected the correct test title from your library; entered all your user data; edited your invite text; maybe set an expiry date.  The final step is to hit the Send Email button.  This step prompts the following routines to take place, in the background; it generates your users' profile(s) on the KS system, adds them to your user list (in the 'Users' page of your dashboard), creates a username/password for each user and sends out their individual test invite emails.

Option two - inviting a large number of users to a test

You have the option to batch invite larger groups of users to take a test.  Rather than entering their user details one at a time, as highlighted in the process above, you can invite them all at once, from the 'Users' section of your dashboard.  Here is a separate blog entry about building your user list and batch inviting users to the same test:

Option three - setting up a test session from a browser

Sometimes, you will need to set up a test session, without sending an email invite to the user.  It is possible to set up a KS test session, straight from a web browser.  Here is a separate blog entry on this topic:


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