Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Beginners Guide to BIM

Our friends at White Frog Publishing (www.whitefrog.co) have published an excellent reference document, looking at the introductory concepts of BIM.  Here is a brief summary..

'A beginners guide to the business of BIM' is a concise publication that removes the hype behind BIM and in easy to understand terminology asks the questions and provides the answers that will empower any decision maker contemplating entry into BIM. Individuals, small, medium and large enterprises will benefit from the wide and varied range of information provided in this booklet.

White Frog's Modular BIM Training team address some of the more pressing questions that entrants to BIM are faced with; What is BIM and is it relevant to me? This is a question on many lips in today’s construction sector, and in this module we intend to answer that question and hopefully several others that you possibly haven’t thought of yet, but should.

The consequences of switching to BIM can be far reaching and painful if not thought through. Buying the wrong software or pouring money into inappropriate training can result in an expensive and painful exercise. What do you require in order to participate in the process? Find out what you need to know before you make the BIM commitment.

Some of the topics discussed include: • What is BIM and what does it mean? • Is this not just CAD with bells on? • Who is it relevant to? • How and where do I buy BIM? • BIM Terminology and Principles • BIM or BIM? • Level 1 - Is it CAD or BIM? • Level 2 - Siloed BIM • Level 3 - Collaborative BIM • LOD – Level of Detail or Level of Development • Standards and Protocols • Team and Workflow Changes • Standards and Protocols • Implications on Fee and Deliverables • Contract and Insurance Issues • The Implications of Adopting BIM • Reference section with Standards

This amazingly detailed document can be bought for just $9.95 USD, from the Autodesk Exchange > Apps site.

Here's the link:


For the record, I suggested a MUCH higher price for this information.  Ten bucks really is a steal!

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