Monday, 16 April 2012

Club Revit 2012 Knowledge Challenge

This month, KnowledgeSmart has teamed up with Club Revit, to offer a free skills contest for Revit users around the world.

This is a Global Revit knowledge challenge, open to all 7,000+ members of the popular Club Revit network on LinkedIn.  To become a member of Club Revit go here.

We have three different challenges; one each for Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure. Each challenge has 24 questions and competitors have 30 minutes to answer them all.

Club Revit Principal, Lonnie Cumpton, explains: 'We expect Club Revit members from all over the world to participate. So come out and represent your country, your company or just yourself. We will be posting updates each week so you can see how the challenge is going. Remember you only get one shot per challenge so make it count'.

To register for the challenge, go to: KS Club Revit 2012 Knowledge Challenge.

We have a few simple rules for the contest.  You'll find a summary here.

The competition starts on April 16th and runs for 30 days.  The winner of each track wins a $100 USD Amazon voucher.  We'll keep you updated as the contest progresses.  A full summary of the contest results will follow in the Summer.


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