Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Customising Self-Rating Datafields

At the start and end of a KS online skills assessment, admins have the option of capturing additional demographic data, which provides helpful background information for users and places test results in a more relevant context.

This includes details such as industry discipline, job title, geography, training history and core software use.  We also capture a 'self-rating' at the beginning of an assessment. That is, how well a person thinks they are going to perform, before they begin.

We can then chart anticipated performance against actual scores and capture a 'perception gap'.

Here is a customer wish list request we received in May: 

We would like to change the labels of the mini survey at the beginning of an assessment to the following terms if possible:

1 – Basic
2 – Beginner
3 – Intermediate
4 – Advanced
5 – Expert

An excellent suggestion!  So it is now possible to edit the values in the user self-rating title and description fields, so KS admins can add their own custom labels when capturing this data.  The updated fields carry over to the test report, results search table and csv export tools.

In the next release, we'll be adding additional survey options to the KS dashboard, making it possible for KS admins to capture even more detailed information about teams skills and user capability.


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