Thursday, 14 August 2014

KS Library update

We've been busy keeping the KS library up to date in recent months.  Here's a brief summary of our current progress.

We help AEC businesses to identify skills gaps and training needs, for existing teams and new hires, across a wide range of design and engineering software products. Here is a list of the current titles in the KS skills assessment library:


3ds Max (parts 1-4)
AutoCAD 2D for occasional users
AutoCAD 2D fundamentals
AutoCAD 2D fundamentals (extra questions)
AutoCAD 2D – Xpress 
AutoCAD Civil 3D (parts 1-4)
AutoCAD Civil 3D – Xpress 
AutoCAD Civil 3D advanced (Roadway Design)
AutoCAD Plant 3D (parts 1-4)
Design Review fundamentals
Inventor (parts 1-4) 
Navisworks Manage 
Revit Architecture for occasional users
Revit Architecture fundamentals
Revit Architecture – Xpress 
Revit Architecture advanced
Revit Content Creation
Revit for Interiors
Revit MEP fundamentals (Mechanical)
Revit MEP fundamentals (Electrical)
Revit MEP fundamentals (Plumbing)
Revit MEP – Xpress 
Revit MEP advanced (Mechanical)
Revit MEP advanced (Plumbing)
Revit Project Process
Revit Structure fundamentals
Revit Structure – Xpress 
Revit Structure advanced 
Vault fundamentals
KS Community – AEC Layer Standards – Autodesk 
KS Community – Revit Architecture (White Frog)
KS Community – Revit Process & Workflow

Bentley Systems

Bentley AECOsim Building Designer (Architecture)
Bentley GEOPAK (Drainage)
Bentley InRoads (Roadway Design)
Bentley MicroStation 2D for occasional users
Bentley MicroStation 2D fundamentals
Bentley MicroStation 2D – Xpress 
Bentley MicroStation 3D fundamentals
Bentley View fundamentals
KS Community – AEC Level Standards – Bentley 


Adobe InDesign for occasional users
Adobe Photoshop for occasional users


Rhino fundamentals


SketchUp fundamentals


Graphisoft ArchiCAD  (parts 1-4)

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

KS Community – BIM Management
KS Community – USACE BIM Requirements

We are making good progress on our annual update of the Autodesk test titles. All our KS test material will be available in 2015 format by the end of September.

We receive regular requests from our customers and user groups, for new library material.   Here is a list of our current works in progress:

Revit Architecture fundamentals extra questions
Revit Architecture advanced extra questions
Bentley ProjectWise
Bentley AECOsim Building Designer (Structures)
Revit MEP advanced (Electrical)
InfraWorks 360
BIM 360 Glue
BIM 360 Field

Here is a list of  additional titles, which are currently under consideration:

Adobe Illustrator
MS Excel
MS Project
Solibri Model Checker
Tekla Structures

KS works with a network of independent authors, all of whom are subject matter experts, consultants, trainers and published authors. All of the KS library material is fully customisable. Customers can also write their own questions and tests, to cover in-house standards, processes and workflows.

For a free evaluation of the KS tools, please email and we'll be happy to set up a trial account for your company.


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