Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Building your List of Users

KS admins can upload a list of users into their dashboard and capture additional data against each user record, which can later be used for searching and grouping test results.  Here's how the process works:

Step one
Log in to your admin dashboard and select 'Users' from your navigation tools.

Step two
Click on the 'Upload User Data' link and take a look in the 'Help' notes box on the right hand side.  Tucked away in paragraph 2 is a link to a sample csv file, which you can use to build a list of your users.

Step three
Copy your user info from Excel, into your csv file.  You need the following fields; Email, First name, Last name.  You can also capture user status and 5 additional data fields for information of your own choosing.  For example, employee ID, project team name, office location, job title, industry discipline, etc.  Think of information you might like to use, when searching and filtering your results data later on.

Step four
Browse for your completed csv file and use the 'Upload' tool to add your user list to your KS dashboard.

Step five
Click on the magnifying glass icon, next to the user name (far right of the row), to add to or edit the 5 user datafields.

That's it - you've built your KS user list!  If you subsequently upload a new csv, with additional user records, then the new list will merge with the existing user list.

Searching your user datafields
You can use the information captured in these 5 datafields, to filter your results data in the 'Results' area of your dashboard.  Select the 'Show search' link in the orange bar, at the top of the Results page.  You'll see the five datafields on the right of the search box.

Enter the information in the relevant datafield to filter your data, then select the 'Show groups' link in the orange bar, to create new sub-groups, based on the content of your user datafields.

Batch inviting
Once you have built your user list, you can invite groups of people at the same time, to take a test (provided they are all taking the same test!).  Check the boxes next to the names of your invitees and hit the 'Invite selected users' button at the bottom of the page.

This takes you to the test invite page and pre-populates your user fields.  It is important to remember to select the test you want from the library dropdown at the top.  The default list displays A-Z, with 3ds Max at the top. (If you forget to change the test title, before sending your invites, you may have some confused users asking why you're asking then to take a 3ds Max test!  Unless, of course, that's the one you wanted! :) ).

When you're happy with your invite text, just hit the 'Send Email' button to send your batch invites.


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