Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Test Feedback Options

KS admins can set different levels of feedback for users at the end of a test session.  It is also possible to select different levels of feedback for interview candidates and in-house users.  Sometimes firms don't want interview candidates to receive a test report immediately after their test session.  So now you have the choice of when to provide user feedback - and just how much information to share.

It's a straightforward process to choose your feedback settings:

Log in to your KS dashboard and click Settings > Test Feedback.

There are 4 choices:

1) No report
2) Basic report
3) Feedback on report and
4) Feedback & coaching on report.

The default setting is as follows:

Interview candidates - basic report

In-house users - full report with feedback and coaching notes

When you've made your selection, hit 'Save' to register your changes.  This setting applies to all tests taken on your account.  If you want to adjust the amount of feedback for different groups, just amend the setting in your dashboard, before you send out the test invites.


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