Wednesday, 29 August 2012

KS Help Notes_Settings 05_Reminders

KS admins now have the option of creating a number of reminder mails for users.  These include: Send candidate reminder email (select 1-31 days), Repeat reminder mail, Copy admin on reminder mails, Alert admin on test completion and Alert admin if expiry date passes without test completion.

To set your reminders, go to Settings > Reminders and check the required boxes.

Admins can choose to send a generic system mail, or write a custom message, using the space provided.  To revert to the default KS reminder text, at any time, simply delete the custom text from the Email Message box.

If you have two or more accounts, you can assign settings changes across multiple accounts at the same time, by clicking on the 'Show linked accounts' link in the orange bar and checking the relevant boxes.


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