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Here are the most commonly posed questions, about the KS admin dashboard and assessment journey.

Q - What's the difference between a Sub-admin and a Full-admin?
A - Sub-admins can set up test sessions from a browser, using the 'Admin Test Setup Login' link, but not access the main KS dashboard. Full-admins can log in to the KS dashboard and use the browser test setup tools.

Q - How do I re-set or change my KS password?
A - All users can re-set their KS password at any time, by clicking the 'Forgot details' link on the KS dashboard login page, which takes you here. Enter your KS username and the system will email a new password.
KS admins can set their own password, by logging in to their KS dashboard and selecting the 'Change password' link. Copy the original password into the first field, then confirm your own password and save the changes.

Q - How do I add a new KS administrator to my account?
A - Go to the Accounts > Your Accounts page of the KS dashboard and click on the 'Administrators' tool (small people icon). From here you can add new Sub-admins or Full-admins, using the 'Add administrator' fields.

Q - I get an error message when I try to import my user list. Why is this?
A - First, make sure that you are using a .csv file format, not .xls or .xlsx. (See help notes on the Users > Upload User Data page for a link to a formatted .csv template). Also, make sure that you have 10 data columns in your .csv file.

Q - Do I need a new username and password for the KS Support Ticket System?
A - Not really. You can use the same login details as you use to log in to the main KS dashboard, or you can choose a different username and password to access the support ticket tools. Either will work OK.

Q - My invite mails are not getting through to users every time. Why not?
A - Sometimes KS invite mails are blocked by spam prevention software. If the KS mails are not in junk mail, then your corporate security might not be allowing the mails through. This happens from time to time. A combination of the following steps usually resolves the issue:
‘White flag’ the domain
‘White flag’ the domain
‘White flag’ mails from
That should allow the mails to work OK. However, if they are still getting blocked, there is one more thing to try. Our hosting company (1&1) sometimes uses a relay server in Germany, called
‘White flag’ the domain
That should sort everything out, from a corporate mails point of view.

Q - Some invite mails contain a username and password. Others do not. Why is this?
A - The KS system appends a username and password on invite mails for regular users (i.e. non-admins). If a user receives two or more test invites in close succession, the latter invite(s) will overwrite the password(s) from earlier mails. KS admins can set their own password, so the KS system does not include admin usernames and passwords on test invite mails.

Q - I can't log into my test session. A message refers me back to the system administrator. What's happening?
A - This could be a number of things. Check that the test invite doesn't have an expired date that has passed. Check that the test doesn't have one or more modules with '0' in the 'assigned questions' box (i.e. an empty module). Check that the original invite hasn't been deleted, by viewing the Invites > History page.

Q - What happens if a 'Whoops Gremlins!' message appears during a test session?
A - If you lose a network or web connection during a test session, an error message might display. This sometimes happens as you move between questions. Click the back button once to return to the previous screen and wait for a few seconds. The test session should resume as normal.

Q - I am seeing one or more error messages onscreen during a test session, when I navigate between questions. This is not caused by loss of web connection. What else could it be?
A - If the same question has been assigned in a test more than once, this can cause an error message to display. Check to make sure that you have not duplicated the same question in one or more modules. (Quick tip: when assigning questions to modules, use a single mouse-click. A double-click can cause the same question to display twice).

Q - I can't answer the 'order list' questions in my test session because the drag & drop feature isn't working. Why not?
A - We support the following browsers: IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. We are aware that the 'order list' type questions occasionally cannot be completed in IE6 or IE7. There is an easy workaround. Simply log out of the session, then copy and paste the original invite link into one of the other browsers listed (or use the 'Resume Test' tool in the Invites > History page of your dashboard). Enter your user details and click the 'Resume' button to log back in to the session (all existing answers will be saved). Complete the remaining question(s) and click 'Finish', then click the link to view the test report.

Q - If I log out of a test session, will my answers be saved?
A - Yes. All your answers will be saved if you resume a test session, at a later date.

Q - My test result did not upload correctly at the end of a test session. Can it be rescued?
A - Yes. If you lose your web connection at the end of a test session, occasionally a result will not upload to the dashboard successfully. Just raise a support ticket and the KS team will manually retrieve the score and add it to your dashboard. Your work will not be lost.

Q - How can I tell which version (ID number) of a test someone took? For example, I have two different Revit fundamentals tests, but I don’t know which one a specific user took.
A - When the invite mail goes out, the test ID is appended after the test name. Results mails also include the test name and ID number.
If you can’t locate the original test invite mail, you can track individual question ID numbers in the test report at the end of the test. Select a question ID from the report (any question will do), then go to Library > Draft Content > Draft Questions and enter the question ID number into the ‘Search Questions’ box. Hit ‘Search’ and you’ll filter the question library, to display the question which carries the relevant ID number. Click on the question name and view the green popup panel. About a third of the way down, you will see a section called ‘Used In (Modules)’ and another called ‘Used In (Tests)’. Here, you can read the ID number of the parent module and/or parent test, for that question.


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