Tuesday, 28 August 2012

KS New Release update - part 2

Here is a summary of part two of the latest KS system update.  (Part 1 of this dev hit the live site in July).  This release goes live in mid-September.


We've added a new page in the 'Settings' area of the admin dashboard, called 'Resources'.  Here, we'll be displaying a range of help guides, documents and links, which admins can use to learn all about the various features and functions of the KS system.

You can upload your own documents and links, in the 'Your Resources' section.

We've also added a new FAQ section, with answers to the most commonly posed questions, about the KS tools and live test sessions.

Invites & Invite History

We made a number of improvements to the Invites area of the dashboard, based on feedback from the last KS user group.

We added a filter to the main library drop-down menu on the 'Invites' page, which divides the list into 3 separate sections; KS Tests, Draft Tests and Published Tests.  We also added a blank field at the top of the library list, to prevent admins from accidentally sending out test invites to a 3ds Max test!  If they forget to select a test, a new advisory message pops up.

We changed the 'status' options on the Invites > History page.  Now, admins can sort the view for all sent invites, into 3 groups: Not Started / In Progress / Completed.  This data can be exported to CSV for further analysis.

We added the option to re-send or delete multiple invites at the same time.  And we included a new tool, called 'Extend invites', which allows admins to edit the expiry date of existing invites.

We also improved the logic of a couple of existing invite processes.  For example, it was previously possible to re-send invites to expired tests and also to send invites to tests with missing or incomplete modules.  Both instances now prompt a new advisory message for the system admin.


We added a new page in the 'Settings' area of the admin dashboard, called 'Reminders'.  From here, a system admin can set reminder mails for users, including the option to send repeat mails, admin updates and admin prompts for incomplete tests, upon expiry.

Admins can choose to send a generic system mail, or write a custom message, using the space provided.

Test UI

We added a new page in the 'Settings' area of the admin dashboard, called 'Test UI Options'.  From here, a system admin can choose to display two new buttons for users, which will appear in the test UI.

Use the 'Skip question' tool to display a button in the test UI, which allows users to skip questions.  These display as blue squares on the Question Navigator.

Skipped questions will be flagged in the final test report.

Use the 'Request training' tool to display a button in the test UI, which allows users to request further training for particular questions.

Questions with training requests will be flagged in the final test report.

On the Results > Data page, admins can select the 'Training requests' button to display a list of users who have requested training during their test session.

Admins can select the 'Export training requests to CSV' button to create a summary of users who have requested training, and the related questions they flagged during their test session.

Manage Content

We added the option to assign KnowledgeSmart Tests to linked accounts, using the Accounts > Manage Content page of the dashboard.  Previously, it was only possible to assign Published Tests and Published Modules, to linked accounts.

Small Changes

We added a new advisory message in the Library > Draft Tests part of the dashboard, which prompts an admin if they forget to assign any questions to modules.  Previously, it was possible to issue invites to a test with an 'empty' module, which caused an error message to display to users.

We added the test ID number to the Library > KS Tests page, the Invites > History page, the Results > Data page and in the results email.

We tidied up all linked account lists, so that each one displays A-Z as a default view.

We fixed a bug which prevented admins from editing tests and questions, when viewing child accounts from the main sub-menu drop-down.

We tidied up the formatting of invite mails, when sent using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers.

We changed the logic for deleting draft tests.  Previously, admins had to delete the associated invite history, before a draft test could be removed.

This release goes live in mid-September.  We have two more small devs scheduled for Q4.  More to follow on those updates shortly..


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