Monday, 17 September 2012

KS user passwords

This query comes up from time to time, so I thought it worth documenting on the KS blog.

Some invite mails contain a username and password, but others do not.  Why is this?

The answer is pretty straightforward.  The KS system appends a username and password on invite mails for regular users (i.e. non-admins).  Further, if a user receives two or more test invites in close succession, the latter invite(s) will overwrite the password(s) from earlier mails. Which means they need to use the most recent password for all active test sessions.

All users can re-set their KS password at any time, by clicking the 'Forgot details' link on the KS dashboard login page, which takes you here.

Enter your KS username and the system will email a new password.

System admins can set their own password, so the KS system does not include usernames and passwords on test invite mails for administrators.

KS admins can set their own password, by logging in to their KS dashboard and selecting the 'Change password' link.

Copy the original password into the first field, then confirm your own password and save the changes.


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