Monday, 3 September 2012

KS Help Notes_Library 10_Precision on Free Text Questions

KS admins can determine answer precision on free text type questions.  To edit a question, go to Library > Draft Content > Draft Questions and hover your mouse over the 'Edit question' icon. Select 'Provide the answer' in the flyout menu.

If an answer is numeric, admins can allow a variance in the value presented in the answer field by users, assigning full or partial marks for 'nearly right' answers.

Admins can provide user hints for answer precision (i.e. the number of decimal places required in the 'correct' answer).

For non-numeric answers, we have included the option to disregard incorrect case and white spacing in the answers submitted by users.  So, for example, if the 'correct' answer to a question was 'Top DAUG', but a user entered an answer of 'Top  daug', the admin can decide whether to assign full, partial or no marks.

As a default setting, KS OTS (off the shelf) tests assign full marks to answers with minor variance in case and white spacing.  Precision hint and variance for numeric answers is not enabled.


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