Monday, 17 September 2012

KS Help Notes_Invites 05_Setting up a Mock Test

Occasionally, KS firms ask if it is possible to set up a practice or mock test environment for users, so they can familiarise themselves with the KS test UI, format, question types, file download process, and so on, before taking a test 'for real'.

The answer is yes.  And it's pretty easy to set up.  Here's what you need to do...

Step One
Set up a Practice Test Account

First, set up a new account, called 'XYZ Engineers Practice Account/Sand Box/Mock Test Account', or similar.

See this link for more detailed notes on how to set up a new KS 'child' account.  Don't add any KS OTS tests when setting up this account.  Leave the KS test list blank for now.

Next, set up a new Full-admin profile for your new account.  Go to the Accounts > Your Accounts page of your dashboard and select the 'Administrators' icon next to your new practice test account.

Use the 'Add administrator' fields to add a new Full-admin to your account.

Use a general user name, i.e. XYZAdmin and a 'catchall' email address, such as training@xyzengineers, learning@xyzengineers, or similar.

Look out for the system mail with your new admin's login details.  Or, alternatively, re-set the password on your new admin profile.

Log in as your new administrator.  Now, hit the 'Change password' link, to create a new generic password, i.e. XYZ123.  These login details will be made available to all users, so should be easy to remember.

Last, change your new admin profile from Full-admin to Sub-admin status.  Don't forget, a Sub-admin user profile can only access a KS test from a browser.  It cannot be used to access your main KS dashboard.

Now that you have set up your new practice test account, you need to create a mock test, for your users to log into.

Step Two
Set up a Mock Test

Choose a suitable topic for your mock test, i.e. AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, MicroStation, etc.  Log into your main KS 'parent' account and create a new practice test from scratch.  See this link for more detailed notes on how to create your own KS modules and tests.  See this link for more detailed notes on how to import and edit a KS OTS test.

Set up your new test so that you only have a single module, with 3 or 4 sample questions presented in your mock test.  Save your changes and publish your new test.  See this link for notes on how to publish draft KS content.

Now, go to the Accounts > Manage Content page and copy your new mock test across to your practice test account.  See this link for notes on how to copy published tests from a 'parent' account to a 'child' account.

Now, any user can log in to a mock test session, using the generic Sub-admin profile, to get a preview of what a live KS test session looks and feels like.

You might want to create some simple user instructions on how to log in to a KS test from a browser.  This link will give you some useful info to share with your team.


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