Saturday, 18 May 2013

KS Help Notes_Invites 06_Self-Inviting to a KS Test

If you want to allow users to invite themselves to take a KS test, here is what you need to do.

Set up a new Full-admin profile for your KS account.  Go to the Accounts > Your Accounts page of your dashboard and select the 'Administrators' icon next to your test account.

Use the 'Add administrator' fields to add a new Full-admin to your account.

Use a general user name, i.e. XYZAdmin and a 'catchall' email address, such as training@xyzengineers, learning@xyzengineers, or similar.

Look out for the system mail with your new admin's login details.  Or, alternatively, re-set the password on your new admin profile.

Log in as the new administrator.  Now, hit the 'Change password' link, to create a new generic password, i.e. XYZ123.  These login details will be made available to all users, so should be easy to remember.

Last, change your new admin profile from Full-admin to Sub-admin status.  Don't forget, a Sub-admin user profile can only access a KS test from a browser.  It cannot be used to access your main KS dashboard.

Now that you have set up your new general Sub-admin profile, create some simple user instructions, so that all your users can log in and invite themselves to take a KS test.  Here is a brief guide to logging in to a test session from a browser.


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