Saturday, 18 May 2013

KS Help Notes_Settings 08_Capturing Additional User Data

KS admins have the option of capturing additional user information, to gain a more rounded picture of a person’s background and experience.

Go to Settings > Test UI Options and Check the ‘Display user data capture pages’ box if you want to display the additional user information capture screens, at the start and end of a test session.

The first data capture page appears during the test login process, just before the start page.

You can present the 5 user datafields, including the option for these fields to be optional or mandatory, by checking the appropriate boxes on the Settings > User Datafields page.

You can also capture the following additional information:

- Primary Industry/Discipline
- Primary Role
- Country
- State (If USA selected)

Lastly, users have the option of providing a ‘self-rating’ of their knowledge of the topic, for which they are about to take a test.

Please rate yourself on your ability to use the software, for which you are about to take a skills assessment, on a scale of 1 to 5:

1 = Very basic knowledge; not enough to work confidently on a project
2 = Basic knowledge; can get by working on a project but could do better
3 = Good knowledge; can produce a good standard of work on projects
4 = Advanced knowledge; can teach the basics to others
5 = Expert knowledge; can perform and teach others at an advanced level

The second data capture page appears at the end of a test session, just before the results screen appears.

Here, you can capture the following additional information:

How many years have you been using BIM/CAD/Engineering software?

How often do you use BIM/CAD/Engineering software?
Regularly (daily)
Part time (weekly)
Occasionally (monthly or less)

What BIM/CAD/Engineering software do you regularly use?

How did you primarily learn to use BIM/CAD/Engineering software?
Formal training
On the job/self taught
Online/web based training

Where did you first learn to use BIM/CAD/Engineering software?

Plus an extra field for users to provide additional comments & feedback.

The information captured is presented at the bottom of each KS test report.


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