Tuesday, 14 May 2013

KS New Release

The next release of the KS software hits the live site this month.  Here's a summary of new features and updates.

Cleaner KS login page

We have simplified and tidied up the dashboard landing page...

... and the dashboard / assessment login pages:

User data capture pages

We are keen to continue providing interesting and relevant user demographic data, for statistical and comparative analysis. A regular feature request is the ability to capture additional background information for candidates, so we added two new data information pages (one at the start and one at the end of a test session):

These additional pages are optional. KS admins can choose to display (or not display) the data capture pages, with a new dashboard setting.

The 5 user datafields can be presented on data capture page 1, with an optional/mandatory status, by selecting the relevant fields on the Settings > User Datafields page.

Improved test report

We have updated the format of the KS test report, making it easier to navigate to the relevant feedback sections, adding a new field for number of logins/logouts and a new 'Additional Information' section for candidate profiling.

Improved content management

We added a number of improvements to the Library section of the KS dashboard.  This includes adding the training tag export tool to the main KS Tests menu page:

Allowing admins to edit answer options for multiple choice / order list / pick list type questions:

We improved the KS content editing process by adding the green information panel to the 'Your questions' box and 'Your modules' box, making it easier to identify KS content.

We also included the ability to re-order questions inside KS modules and modules inside KS tests.

Improved searching & grouping options

We added a new search table to the Invites > History page, making it easier to filter the data on this page.

We added a new field for 'Test name' on the dynamic grouping table, in the Results > Data page.

Improved user records page performance

We have made KS user records fully editable, deletable and added simple pagination to accounts with extensive user lists. This has improved the performance of the users page, including the ability to export records from linked accounts.

Plus a number of smaller updates and bug fixes, including:

Improvements to test UI performance, including removing the 5-second page f'licker', when the KS software pings the server to register latest test data.
Update to question csv export, to include distractor answers for multiple choice / pick list question types.
Update to the naming convention for imported tests.
Uniform date format on the Results > Data page and related csv exports.
Update to error messaging for non-admins attempting to log in to a KS dashboard.
Update to error messaging for incorrect file uploads.
Update to error messaging for duplicate questions appearing in a test session.
Update to results searching & editing in our own KSadmin database.
Update to management of user records in our KSadmin database, including the ability to merge two user records.
Better handling of apostrophe's in KS user names, e.g. Rory O'Vance.
Bug fix to address amended KS account names not displaying correctly on invite mails.
Bug fix on administrator notification mail failure for new account setup.
Bug fix on user record deletion on the Move Users page.
Update to specification of KS Rackspace cloud server box.

We have a further software release scheduled for June, which completes the latest round of KS devs.

As always, our thanks to the KS user group for your feedback, suggestions and ideas for continual advancement and improvement of the KS system.


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