Friday, 16 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Accounts 01_Linked Accounts


If you are the administrator on two or more KS accounts, it is possible to view your account hierarchy and navigate between accounts. You can also view and manage information across linked accounts.

Account Hierarchy

On the Accounts > Your Accounts page, select the View Account Structure button.

This displays your account hierarchy, where you can view the organisational structure of accounts, for which you have administrator permissions.

Switching Accounts

Use the Switch account link to move between KS accounts. The name of the account you are currently logged into will be displayed top right of your dashboard page.

Viewing Linked Accounts

Use the dropdown menu to view linked accounts on the following dashboard pages:  Library (all content pages), Invites (History), Results (Data) and Users.

You can drill down to view individual ‘child’ accounts or view all linked accounts. Please note that this is a viewing window only (i.e. you can view information in related accounts, but you remain logged into the original account).  You need to use the Switch accounts tool to physically move from one account to another.


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