Saturday, 17 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Invites 03_Set up Test from a Browser


It's not always possible for users to access a test invite via email. For example interview candidates, or in-house candidates using a training room, where access to their email account is not available.

For this reason, you will occasionally need to set up a test session, straight from a web browser. Here’s how it works:

Step one
Select the Assessment link, on the dashboard landing page.

Step two
Enter your KS admin User name and Password and hit Log in to access your account.

Step three
Select your account from the dropdown menu (for firms with multiple accounts) and select the required test title from your library list. This list includes KnowledgeSmart OTS (off the shelf) titles and self-authored tests, displaying in A-Z order.  Test ID numbers are also included, so you can easily identify which test you want from your library.

Step four
This is where the candidate takes over. They enter their name and email address, select their status (employee or interview candidate) and proceed to the next page.

Step five (optional)
You have the option to present candidates with an additional information page, where they can submit a brief user profile.

Step six

Here is the test start page. This is the same page users’ see when they click on the test URL in their email invites. From here, the process for taking a test is the same, irrespective of how they were invited.  When they have read the instructions and downloaded their sample data files, they hit the green Start button to begin their test session.


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