Friday, 16 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Library 01_KnowledgeSmart Tests


The KnowledgeSmart tests page lists all of the 'off the shelf' tests available on your account, as written by KnowledgeSmart authors. The tests are listed A-Z; you can reverse the list by clicking the Test name and ID no. links.

View test summary information by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

This opens a new page with a summary of test modules, available questions, assigned questions, test settings, time limit, welcome text and category tags.

It is not possible to edit a test from this page. To make custom changes to the KS 'off the shelf' library material, first use the ‘Import’ tool to create a duplicate copy of the test.
The copied test will display a different ID number to the original and is fully editable. Your copy will display in the Draft Tests page.

Clicking the 'Download question files' icon will download all of the question file material associated with this test.

Clicking the 'Download coaching files' icon will download all of the coaching material associated with this test. Please note that not all authors provide their coaching notes as downloads; some appear as plain text notes, assigned to each question.

Invite users to take a test by selecting the envelope icon.

Clicking the ‘Export Questions to CSV’ icon will download all of the questions associated with this test.

Use the drop-down menu to view available test library content for linked accounts.

Use the page number links at the bottom of the page, to navigate through your test library.


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