Friday, 16 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Accounts 03_Set up New Account


KS administrators can set up new accounts in their organisational hierarchy.

Go to Accounts > Add New Account and enter the details for the new account.

Choose which type of administrator you wish to assign to the new account. A Full administrator has permission to access the main dashboard. A Sub administrator can only set up test sessions from a browser.

Click Continue to move to step two, where you can assign which KS ‘off the shelf’ test titles will appear in your new account.

Click the Create New Account button to add the new account to your organisation chart.

To view the new account in your organisational chart, go to the Accounts > Your Accounts page and select the View Account Structure button.

Your new ‘child’ account will display underneath the ‘parent’ account that was used to create it.


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