Friday, 16 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Library 08_Links to Learning


Here is a brief summary of how you can include focused, modular training content, as part of your skills assessment results analysis.

The final step in the question create/edit process, is called Learning material.

From here, you can link modular training material to your KS question library. The key is to map the training content to the training tags (meta data) for each question. The training content can be a variety of formats.  For example; in-house training notes, PDF help-sheets, Intranet pages, etc. Or, alternatively, training material from a 3rd party, such as video tutorials or web based training.

You can use the text box to add notes or web links and the file upload tool to assign files or videos.  (NB to ensure that any web links open in a new browser, please use the Insert/Edit URL link icon, enter the relevant web address(es) and select 'New window' in the dropdown).

Next, there is an option in Settings > Test Feedback, called 'Feedback, Coaching & Learning on Report'.

Checking this option, will prompt an additional section to display in the user report at the end of their test.  From here, users can access the wider training content, relating to questions where they dropped marks.

So the principle is that KS coaching notes provide feedback on each specific task, whilst learning notes provide broader feedback on the topic being covered by each question.


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