Friday, 16 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Library 05_9 Question Types


There are 9 types of questions, which typically comprise a KS assessment. Let's take a brief look at each one:

Free Text 
This type of question requires a specific answer, which needs to match the answer stored in the KS database. Users must pay attention to any instructions on how to format their answer, for example, precision, case sensitive answers, spacing, accurate spelling, and so on.

Multiple Choice

Here, users will be offered a selection of possible answers - and they need to select the best one. Watch out for 'distracter' entries, which are designed to make them think before selecting their answer.

Pick List
This question type offers users a range of options, which could represent a correct answer. They should choose the best answers from the list provided, using the check boxes, to the left of the answers. Partial marks are often awarded for entering some of the correct answers.

Order List
This question type requires users to place a number of items in the correct sequence. They need to drag and drop the answer options, until they are in the right order.

True or False
This question type is pretty straightforward. Users must read the statement or question and decide if they think it is true or false. Enter the answer using the radio buttons.

Matching list 
This question type asks the user to correctly identify, or match the relationship between 2 lists of data.

Complete the blank 
This question type asks the user to fill in one (or more) blank fields, or select from a list of available options in a sentence or paragraph.

This question type asks the user to review a list of short words or phrases and select a radio button option that relates to the ‘correct’ description.

This question type asks the user to write a longer answer to a question. This will not be automatically marked and requires manual scoring by system admins.


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