Friday, 16 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Admin 06_Support Ticket System


If you have any technical support issues, the fastest way to receive a response is to raise a support ticket, using the integrated KS Support Ticket System.

Log into your KS dashboard and select the Support link, which is located at the foot of each page.

If you haven’t registered on the support system, click the Register link and create your user profile.  Please note that your login information for the support system can be the same as your KS admin dashboard user login information, or, if you prefer, you can create a different user profile.

To log in to the support system, click on the Log In link and enter your username and password.

To create a support ticket, select the New Ticket link and provide a summary of your query in the space provided.  You can add accompanying files or screenshots, by browsing for the file and adding as an attachment.

Hit the Submit button to send your ticket to the KS technical support team.

Your ticket will be assigned an ID number, which you can use to track your support query, until it is resolved.  Click on the Open Tickets link to monitor progress of any outstanding issues and communicate with the KS technical support team.

Use the Search Tickets tool to locate support tickets relating to specific keywords.

You can re-open old tickets at any time, by selecting the Closed Tickets link and clicking on Reopen Ticket.

When you have finished adding or amending your support ticket information, select the Logout link, to exit the KS Support Ticket System.


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