Friday, 16 March 2012

KS Help Notes_Accounts 02_Managing Your Administrators


It is possible to add new administrators, delete existing administrators, edit admin status and account access permissions. You can also select which administrators receive system emails.

Go to the Accounts > Your Accounts page to view accounts for which you have administrative control. Separate accounts are typically used to organise data into distinct groups, perhaps geographically, by business sector or industry discipline. This is useful when administrative access to data needs to be assigned to particular individuals or offices.

Click on the Administrators icon next to the account name, to view a list of administrators for that account.

Use the drop-down menu to change the status of each administrator on the account. 'Full Admins' will have the same access and permissions as you, to all the features and data in the account. 'Sub Admins' can only set up test sessions from a browser; they have no admin dashboard access or privileges.

Delete administrators using the ‘Remove administrators’ icon. Select which administrators receive account update emails (i.e. results emails, invite emails, etc.), by clicking the email ‘toggle’ icon.

Use the Add administrator fields to add new administrators to the account. The user will be notified by email that they have been granted access to your account.

Go to the Accounts > Admin Permissions page and select the magnifying glass icon to determine the highest account level permission for each administrator.

Here you can set the highest account permission for administrators. Use the radio button to select the relevant account, then click Save to register your changes.


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